Prof. Marek Żukowski

Professor, director of International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT), Univ. of Gdansk, member of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN)
LONGER VISITING POSTIONS: Visiting professor of Univ. of Innsbruck (Collaboration with Zeilinger), many times in the period (1991-1999); Visiting professor of University of Vienna, several semesters (2000-2018), Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, Chair professor (October, 2015). Univ. of Science and Technology of China (USTC), visiting distinguished professor (2011); Univ. of Singapore, visiting scientist (2004-5); Wenner Gren Stipend, Stockholm (2006).
(2010-2018) in Board of National Science Centre (NCN).
(2016-2019) an editor of Phys. Rev. A.
(2017-) in Strategic Advisory Board of EU program QUANT-ERA.
AWARDS: The Prize of FNP (2013)
Copernicus Prize (with Weinfurter) DFG/FNP (2014),
Marie Sklodowska-Curie Prize, III Div of PAN (2013)
Total value of procured GRANTS over $ 10 m.
Founder of ICTQT thanks to an IRAP grant of FNP (2018-2023).
SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS: Quantum Physics, Quantum Information, Quantum Optics
PUBLICATIONS: over 160 papers;ISI h-index 39, citations: 8600 (Web of Science); h=51. 14500 (Google Scholar).
MAIN RESULTS: physical conditions for entanglement swapping, quantum teleportation, and multiphoton interference (1993-7). Full set of multipartite correlation Bell-CHSH inequalities (2001), schemes for d-dimensional interference and entanglement (1997), proof of their high-non-classicality (2000), observation of 4-photon (2003) and 6-photon interference (2009), observation of interference of independent photons (2006), test of Leggett-type models for correlations (2007), Information Causality as a principle of physics (2009), relation of Bell inequalities and communication complexity (2002-5, 2020), non-linear entanglement indicators (2008), weak measurements with parametric down conversion (2012), “Quantum Bridge” – (2014). new definition of quantum Stokes observables f(2015), non-classicality indicators for states of undefined photon numbers (2016-), analysis of Bell experiments involving single photon, a critique of Wigner Friend experiment (2021-2023).